Iannis Nikou interview

Interview of Iannis Nikou about the news of “Iannis Nikou Painting Center” in Munich. The painter is also analyzing his work in the “Allegorical Cycle” , as well as in the Cycle “Abstraction”

The Star - 220x138cm-oil on canvas- 1992

Taro Cards

Back in time,a friend gallerist ,who really loved my work,inspired by my "Allegorical Cycle" had the idea of an artistic project. Based on Tarot Cards,it was quite a challenge for me the idea to decipher the ancient codes,hidden in these symbolic cards... Though this plan was proved quite complicated and was never completed, I was given the opportunity to create a series of paintings
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Chateau Νicο Lazaridi WINERY

It was back in the year 1996 ,when I started my collaboration with the "Chateau Nico Lazaridi winery". It was a challenge for me to be asked to create based on some of my thematic "Cycles",the oil paintings that would decorate the Winery's Collection and they would also destined to be printed in the labels of some
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Iannis Nikou about his work

I am often asked to analyze or to explain my use of symbolism and the meaning of my usually crowded compositions. As a result, I feel that it is my responsibility to guide the viewer through my world, a world whose structure, so full of allegorical tales and symbols, I have carefully created and organized. 

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Photo Moments from my exhibition at Maroussi (Athens)

From the Honorary one man show of Iannis Nikou  ,at the “Olympic Gallery of the City Hall of Amaroussion “.  Athens,December 2017. In this exhibition ,which was held with the kind attribution of the “Iannis Nikou Painting Center”,the artist presented oil paintings of his various thematics,as well as his first sculpture ,based on the Cycle

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