List of painter's EXHIBITIONS

1967 Panhellenic Exhibition of visual Arts – Zappeion Palace, Athens

1969 Panhellenic Exhibition of visual Arts – Zappeion Palace, Athens

1969 Exhibition of Young Painters and Sculptors of the School of Fine Arts in Athens – British council, Athens

1970 Exhibition of Graduates of the School of Fine Arts in Athens – Athens

1971 Panhellenic exhibition of Visual Arts – Zappeion Palace, Athens

1972 Young Artists Exhibition, the Hellenic – American Union, Athens

1972 “Kreonidis” Art Gallery, Athens (one man show)

1975 “Kreonidis” Art Gallery, Athens (one man show)

1976 Art Gallery “O”, Athens

1977 Gallery “L’angle aigu”, Brussels, (one man show)

1977 International Painting Exhibition, Basle, Switzerland

1977 “Art Media” Gallery, Paris

1977 Art Gallery “O”, “No frontier Art”, Athens

1981 Art Gallery “Argo”, Athens (one man show)

1981 Art Gallery “Argo”, Athens

1982 Exhibition of E.E.C. Young Painters, National Conservatoire of Athens

1984 “Athenaeum Art Gallery”, Athens (one man show)

1984 “International Art Maraket”, Todi, Italy

1984 “Festival of the Two Worlds”, Spoleto, Italy

1985 “International Art Market”, Todi, Italy

1985 “Athenaeum Art Gallery”, Athens

1986 “Interarte” Art Gallery, Milan (one man show)

1987 “San Michele” Art Gallery, Brescia, Italy (one man show)

1987 “Piccolo San Michele” Art Gallery, Sirmione, Italy (one man show)

1987 “Del Bello” Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1987 Cultural Center “II Brandale”, Savona, Italy (one man show)

1987 Cultural Center “Tunnel”, Palazzo Spinola, honorary one man show, Genova, Italy

1986-90 Presentation of “Vorres Museum” to U.S.A. and Canada

1988 Collective of Italian artists, Cultural Center of Turin, Italy

1988 VIII European Biennale, Roma, Italy

1988 Biennale of Art, Malta

1988 Gallery “Andinor”, Athens (one man show)

1988 Gallery “Andinor”, Athens (collective)

1990 Gallery “Astrolavos”, Pireus

1994 Gallery “Argo”, Athens (one man show)

1995 “House of Art” Trikalla, Greece

1996 Gallery “Argo”, Athens

1998 Gallery “Argo”, Athens (one man show)

2000 “Art Club”, Thessaloniki (one man show)

2003-04 “39th Dimitria”, Warehouse of the port of Thessaloniki, honorary one man show – Thessaloniki

2006 Gallery “Argo”, Athens (collective, about “Mona Lisa”)

2007 ” Vorres Museum “, Athens (one man show)

2009 “Archeological Museum of Kavala”, honorary one man show – Kavala

2009 “Technopolis” of the City of Athens, honorary one man show – Athens

2012     ” The Colours of Europe” , Cultural Center “Melina”, Athens

2012 Center of Art and Culture ” Mylos”, Greek Gods and Heroes, Thessaloniki, ( one man show)

2013 “Olympic  buildings “, Goudi, ” Greek Gods and Heroes “, Athens, (one man show)

2014      “Da Vinci  club , ” Athens, ( one man show)

2014 ” Art Center of Kastella”, Pireus, ( one man show)

2014 ” Knights Templar “, UK Sommelier Association , London,

( one man show)

2014 ” First page “, art idea club, ” Artzone 42 Gallery “,

Athens, ( one man show)

2015  ” Towers Gallery “, Sofia (one man show)

2015 ” Art Spyral “, Μykonos , ( one man show)

2015  ” London Art Collective ” London, ( one man show)

2016  ” Leader Academy” , Βulgaria , ( one man show)

2016   “Strovolos  Cultural  Central “, Nicosia ,Cyprus, ( one man show)

2016 “The Greek Light”,Hamptons,U.S.A

2017 Olympic Gallery of Municipality of Maroussi,honorary one man show,Athens

2019 Inagauration of “Iannis Nikou Painting Center”in Munich,one man show,Germany

2017   Municipality of city of Drama (Northern Greece) honorary one man show