As a student of Fine Arts, I also dealt with the Art of Portrait. Knowing that, friends and collectors, very often ask me to be included in a painting that they wish to acquire… This way, a series of paintings was created, portraits and compositions, with real actors and not only with my usual fictional heroes !

The Chinese and Hellenic Bond Through History and Mythology - 270x130cm-oil on canvas - 2019
Glasgow Rangers VS Celtics Forever 1990-170x130cm-oil on canvas-2019
Orpheus and Eurydice - 200x130cm- oil on canvas - 2019
The King Is here...-170x120cm-oil on canvas-2017
Power and Law-100x100cm-oil on canvas 2017
Saint Nicolas, Ground Zero- 140x100 cm -  oil on canvas- 2016
When Nora was living in the fairy world - 140x120cm - oil on canvas - 2012
The King Is here... -170x120cm - oil on canvas - 2017
Opera night at the mension of X. Constantinides III - 275x175 cm - oil on canvas - 2014
Opera night at the mension of X. Constantinides II - 250x165cm - oil on canvas - 2007
Opera night at the mension of X. Constantinides I - 275x200cm - oil on canvas - 2007
Julia at the falls -170x120cm - oil on canvas - 2002
G.Karaiskakis - portraits of the family of Mr. M.Hadjimanolakis - 270x200cm - oil on canvas - 2010
Dimitris Kopelouzos - 110x80cm - oil on canvas -1997
Maria Callas - 160x110 cm-oil on canvas-2009
Baroque - 200x150cm - oil on canvas - 2009